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What Do We Offer


Bespoke Services

We are the all-in-one place where business can find their solution for corporate material wastes. With the creation of TRASHAUS, we create the only and special circular solution for your business.

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Recycled Material

Huge amounts of electronics have been phases out during the integration of technology, leading to unprecedented volumes of electronic wastes and equipment.Our main printing material is rABS that generates from electronic wastes (WEEE). 

TRASHAUS has powerful value chain partners that can provide different ranges of raw materials, such as rABS (generated from waste home appliances), recycled paper, recycled glass etc. Our ability exceeds raw materials, to even post production stage, such as operation and logistic.



We provide traceable information of our products, from their trash form to materials, to production. According to our tracing technology, TRASHAUS has saved at least 15,329 plastic bag, 1500kg plastic during our production; and over 100000 recycled products have found a new life. All past business cases are also listed in our tracing mini program to demonstrate an attitude towards transparency.


3D Printing

We have 6 industrial level 3D printers that can work 24/7 to meet production requests. This allows us to print anything that is under 50*50cm. Our 3D printers use screw nozzle design which provides a stronger extrusion force. With a 100mm/s printing speed and 45 degrees angle slicing support, we are able to print out more possiblities.

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