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Klee Klee x TRASHAUS


624 rABS Planters

40 Printing Days

1000KG WEEEs

Landscape Design

We, TRASHAUS, caring for the environment and the society, had the opportunity to collaborate with Klee Klee, a brand focuses on sustainable fashion. To meet their requirements of an outdoor landscape project which contains over 600 sustainable planters, together we spent over a month and explored the feasibility and possibility of several different recycle materials. In the end, we succeeded in completing the project within 40 days with over 600 rABS planters. The amount of rABS used is equivalent to 1000KG WEEEs (waste electronics) The Klee Klee x TRASHAUS project now is placed in 上生·新所. Now, continuing the collaboration, Klee Klee is going to launch online exclusive TRASHAUS planter on their WeChat mini program.

July 2022 collaborated with Klee Klee in Shanghai 上生·新所.

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