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MINATO is a 3D printed art piece inspired by the Tokyo Tower. The design elements of MINATO are perfectly integrated with the inspiration from the modern architecture, resulting in a unique and fascinating piece. The sculpture is divided into two parts, with the bottom part being a polygon and gradually transitioning to a cylindrical shape on top, showcasing a sleek and tense beauty, reminiscent of the Tokyo Tower soaring in the sky, radiating with the surrounding architecture.


MINATO‘s design elements complement the inspiration from the Tokyo Tower, perfectly combining modern and traditional aesthetic elements while also embodying sustainability and environmental consciousness. In the design of MINATO, we see the pursuit of beauty and care for nature. With this art piece, you will experience a new attitude towards life and cultural experience.


  • Materials: rABS

    Size: 15*42cm

    Weight: 545g

    Printing Time: 2.8h

    Printing Location: Shanghai

    Designer: Qi Liu


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