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Namcha Barwa

Klee Klee x TRASHAUS

This 2022 collection collaborated with the sustainable fashion brand Klee Klee. Acknowledging the brand history of respecting Tibetan local handcraft, our designer came up with the idea of using triangles to represent the famous Tibet mountain Namcha Barwa, and at the same time, traingles also represent sustainability.

Matériau : rABS

Taille, poids, temps d'impression

Bas S : 25*25*25*20cm, 650g, 3.3h

Bas M: 25*25*25*40cm, 1200g, 6.6h

Grand S : 50*50*50*10cm, 727g, 4h

Grand M : 50*50*50*50*20cm, 1500g, 8h

Grand L : 50*50*50*40cm, 3000g, 14h

Grand XL : 50*50*50*60cm, 4000g, 16.6h

Lieu d'impression : Shanghai

Créateur : Maxence Loisson

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